Leverage explained

In today’s evolving society

Self sufficiency is far from the route to wealth.

Business dealings, in particular, define the importance of having leverage. Leverage allows you as an owner/operator to meaningfully allocate your time to situations where your skillset is relevant and desperately required.

Leverage grants you the ability to earn without exchanging time for money, without selling your time; the one thing you won’t get back.

Now imagine

For thousands of years, one of the only ways people got rich was to lower someone else’s standard of living, e.g. buy a slave.

These systems don’t just work, they’re the sum of a network of interdependence which almost always amounts to a positive sum game for every party involved.

Leverage extends beyond just its financial implications. It's easy to get stuck in the rut of assuming that there's always someone ‘losing’ in a situation where one party is depicted as ‘winning’.

I try to think deeply about simple things, I’ll do my best to share my thoughts here.